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Bachelor of AccountancyBAccB.Acy, B.Acc., B. Accty.
Bachelor of Applied ScienceBAScB.AS., BAS, BSAS, B.ASc., BAppSc
Bachelor of ArchitectureBArchB.Arch.
Bachelor of ArtsBAB.A., AB or A.B.
Bachelor of Business AdministrationBBAB.B.A.
Bachelor of Clinical OptometryBOptom
Bachelor of Dental SurgeryBDSBChD, BDentS
Bachelor of DesignBDesB.Des., B.Design
Bachelor of DivinityBDBDIV
Bachelor of EconomicsBScEconBEc, BA(Econ), BScEcon, BSc(Econ), BSSc(Econ), BBA(Econ), BEconSc
Bachelor of EducationBEdB.Ed
Bachelor of EngineeringBEngB.Eng.
Bachelor of FinanceBFin
Bachelor of Fine ArtsBFABFA, B.F.A.
Bachelor of Health ScienceBHSc
Bachelor of LawsLLBLL.B., B.L
Bachelor of Medical SciencesBMedSciBMedSc, BMSc, BSci(Med)
Bachelor of MedicineBM
Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of SurgeryBMBSMBBS, MBChB, MBBCh, MBBChir(Cantab), BMBCh(Oxon), MB,BChir
Bachelor of MidwiferyBMidBMidWif
Bachelor of MusicBMusB.Mus., Mus.B., Mus.Bac.
Bachelor of NursingBNursBN
Bachelor of OsteopathyBOstBOstMed
Bachelor of ScienceBScBSc, B.S., BS, B.Sc., Bc, S.B., SB, Sc.B.
Bachelor of Social ScienceBSocScB.Soc.Sc., B.Soc.Sci.
Bachelor of Social WorkBSW
Bachelor of Technological EducationBTechEd
Bachelor of TechnologyB.Tech.
Bachelor of TheologyBThB.Th., Th.B., BTheol
Bachelor of Veterinary MedicineBVetMedBVMBVS
Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and SurgeryBVMSBVM&S
Bachelor of Veterinary ScienceBVScBVSC, BVMedSci
Business and Technology Education CouncilBTEC
Certificate of Higher EducationCertHECert.HE, Cert ED, CertED
Common Professional Examination in LawCPE
Diploma in the Advanced Study of EducationDASE
Diploma of Higher EducationDipHE
Doctor of ArtDArts
Doctor of Biomedical ScienceDBMS
Doctor of Built EnvironmentDBEnv
Doctor of Business AdministrationDBAD.B.A.
Doctor of ChiropracticDChiro
Doctor of Civil LawDCL
Doctor of Clinical DentistryDClinDent
Doctor of Clinical DentistryDClinDent
Doctor of Clinical PracticeDClinP
Doctor of Clinical Practice
Doctor of Clinical PsychologyDClinPsychDClinPsy, ClinPsyD
Doctor of Clinical ResearchDClinRes
Doctor of Coaching and MentoringDCaM
Doctor of Community Learning & DevelopmentDCommEd
Doctor of Counselling PsychologyDCounsPych
Doctor of Counselling PsychologyDCounsPsych
Doctor of Criminal JusticeDCrimJ
Doctor of Dental MedicineDMD
Doctor of Dental Surgery or OrthodonticsDDSDDSc
Doctor of Dentistry or Doctor of DivinityDD
Doctor of DesignDDes
Doctor of EducationDEdEdD, DrPS
Doctor of Educational and Child PsychologyEdChPsychDDEdChPsy
Doctor of Educational PsychologyDEdPsy
Doctor of EngineeringEngD
Doctor of EnterpriseEntD
Doctor of Forensic Clinical PsychologyForenClinPsyD
Doctor of Forensic PsychologyDForensPsy
Doctor of Forensic Psychology PracticeForenPsyD
Doctor of HealthDHealth
Doctor of Health PsychologyDHealthPsy
Doctor of Health ScienceHScDDHSc
Doctor of JurisprudenceJD
Doctor of LawsLLD
Doctor of Letters or Doctor of LiteratureDLittLittD
Doctor of MedicineDMMB
Doctor of MinistryDMin
Doctor of MusicDMusMusD
Doctor of Nursing ScienceDNursSc
Doctor of PhilosophyPhDDPhil
Doctor of Physical Therapy or Doctor of Practical TheologyDPT
Doctor of Professional StudiesDProfDPS
Doctor of PsychologyDPsychPsy.D.
Doctor of Public HealthDrPH
Doctor of Public HealthDr.P.H.
Doctor of ScienceDScScD
Doctor of Security Risk ManagementDSyRM
Doctor of Social ScienceSocScDDSocSci
Doctor of Social WorkDSW
Doctor of the UniversityDUniv
Doctor of TheologyThD
Doctor of Theology and MinistryDThM
Doctor of Veterinary MedicineDVM
Doctor of Veterinary ScienceDVSDVetMed
English Language Teaching ManagementELT Management
European MasterEM
Executive MBAEMBA
Foundation degreeFDFDs
Foundation Degree in Learning SupportFDEdFdEd
Foundation of Arts (Foundation degree)FdAFDA, FDArts
Foundation of Engineering (Foundation degree)FDEng
Foundation of Sciences (Foundation degree)FdSc
Graduate Diploma in LawGDL
Higher National CertificateHNC
Higher National DiplomaHNDHNDip
Integrated Professional Master in LanguagesIPML
Legal Practice CourseLPC
Magister Juris or Master of JurisprudenceMJurM.Jur., Mag. Jur., Mag. iur.
Master in ArtsMARTMart
Master in ChemistryMChem
Master in European BusinessMEB
Master in Hotel ManagementMHM
Master of AccountancyMAccMAc, MAcy
Master of Advanced MetallurgyMMet
Master of AnthropologyMAnth
Master of ArchitectureMArchM.Arch.
Master of ArtsMAM.A.
Master of BiochemistryMBiochemMBioch, MBiolSci
Master of BiologyMBiolMBio
Master of Biomedical SiencesMBioMedMBioms, MBIOMS
Master of BusinessMBus
Master of Business AdministrationMBAM.B.A.
Master of Chemical PhysicsMChemPhys
Master of ChiropracticMChiro
Master of Classical Studies MClass
Master of Clinical DentistryMClinDent
Master of Clinical EducationMClinEd
Master of Clinical OptometryMOptom
Master of Clinical ResearchMClin Res
Master of Clinical ResearchMClinRes
Master of Computational MathematicsMMathCompMMathCompSci
Master of Computer Science and PhilosophyMCompPhil
Master of ComputingMCompMCompSci (Oxford University), MInf (Master of Informatics)
Master of CounsellingMCounsMC, M.C., M.Couns.
Master of Creative Writing Crime FictionMA(Engl)
Master of Dental Public HealthMDPH
Master of Dental ScienceMDSc
Master of Dental SurgeryMDSMChd, MChD
Master of DesignMDesM.Des., M.Design
Master of Earth ScienceMESciMEarthSci, MEarthPhys
Master of EcologyMEcol
Master of EconomicsMEcon
Master of EducationMEdM.Ed., Ed.M., M.A.Ed., M.A.E., M.S.Ed., M.Ed.L., M.S.E., MA(Ed)
Master of EngineeringMEngMEng., M.Eng.
Master of EnterpriseMEntM.Ent.
Master of Environmental ScienceMEnvSciMEnv
Master of FinanceMFinM.Fin, MiF
Master of Fine ArtsMFAM.F.A.
Master of GeographyMGeog
Master of GeologyMGeol
Master of GeophysicsMGeoPhysMGeophys
Master of GeoscienceMGeoSciMGeoscience
Master of Health ScienceMHS
Master of HistoryMHist
Master of InnovationMInnov
Master of International AffairsMIA
Master of Land EconomyMLE
Master of LawMLaw
Master of LawsLLMLL.M
Master of Legal ScienceMLegSc
Master of LettersMLitt
Master of Liberal ArtsMLA
Master of Liberal ArtsMLibArts
Master of Linguistic StudiesMLang
Master of Marine BiologyMMarBiolMMBiol
Master of Marine ScienceMMSci
Master of MarketingMMkt
Master of Materials ScienceMASt
Master of MathematicsMMath
Master of Mathematics and PhilosophyMMathPhil
Master of Mathematics and PhysicsMMathPhysMMath&Phys
Master of Medical EducationMMedEd
Master of Medical ScienceMMedSci
Master of Medical Science in Public HealthMMSPH
Master of MeteorologyMMet
Master of MidwiferyMMid
Master of Museum PracticeMPrac
Master of MusicMMusM.M., M.Mus.
Master of Music TherapyMMT
Master of Natural SciencesMNatSci
Master of NeuroscienceMNeuroSci
Master of NursingMN
Master of Nursing ScienceMNursMNursSci
Master of NutritionMNutr
Master of OceanographyMOceanMOSci
Master of Orthopaedic SurgeryMCh Orth
Master of OsteopathyMOstM.Ost
Master of PerformanceMPerf
Master of PharmacologyMPharmacol
Master of PharmacyMPharmMPharmSci
Master of PhilosophyMPhilM.Phil., Ph.M., M Phil
Master of PhysicsMPhysMPhyPhil (Physics and Philosophy)
Master of PlanningMPlan
Master of Primary CareMPC
Master of Professional AccountancyMPAcMPAcy, MPAcc
Master of Professional PracticeMProf
Master of PsychologyMPsychPsyM
Master of Public AdministrationMPAM.P.Adm., M.P.A.
Master of Public HealthMPHM.P.H.
Master of Public PolicyMPP
Master of ResearchMResMA by research, MARes, MA(Res), MSc by research, MSc(Res), MScRes, M(Res)
Master of ScienceMScMSci, M.S., MS, M.Sc., M.Sci., S.M., Sc.M., Sci.M.
Master of Science in DentistryMScDMSD
Master of Science in Public HealthMSPH
Master of Social ScienceMSScM.Soc.Sci
Master of Social WorkMSW
Master of StudiesMSt
Master of SurgeryMChCh.M., M.Ch., M.Chir.
Master of Teaching and LearningMTeachMTL
Master of Technology degreeMTechM.Tech.
Master of TheologyMThMTheol, Th.M., M.Th.
Master of Veterinary MedicineMVMVet.M.B
Master of Veterinary PhysiotherapyMVetPhys
Master of Veterinary Public HealthMVPH
Master of Veterinary SciencesMVetSciM.Vet.Sci
Master of Veterinary SurgeryMVS
Master of ZoologyMZOOL
Masters of Clinical SciencesMClinSci
New route PhD
Overseas Pharmacists' Assessment ProgrammeOSPAP
Qualifications and Credit FrameworkQCF
Teaching Qualification (Further Education)TQFE
Top-up degreeTop-up
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